Hardwood Flooring on Long Island Options to Choose

Homeowners have various options when deciding the type of floor to incorporate in their homes. Proper research will help them make informed decisions on the kind of floor to put in their various units within the house. There are two main types of floor options available in the construction industry- laminate flooring and hardwood flooring. This guide gives the distinctive characteristics of each floor. If you are in New York and thinking about floor installation, Hardwood flooring on Long Island is done by some reputable companies.

Hardwood Flooring Long Island

Hardwood floor Installation on long island has been in existence for many years, and their ability to last long have made it a great choice over the years. Hardwood floor installation in Long Island is done by experienced professionals who will help you to install. Laminate flooring is a new flooring option that has penetrated the market with its distinctive characteristics providing significant competition to the hardwood floors.

Laminate floors constitute multiple layers of long-lasting materials. The stabilizing layer found at the bottom is structured to resist moisture. Synthetic fiberboards are also incorporated to give it strength coupled with a bright finish of melamine resin. Hardwood flooring on long island is constructed from natural and durable woods which include maple, oak and many more that can last long when appropriately maintained. The difference between the two flooring options can be analyzed based on the following criteria:


Durability of Wood Flooring

The durability of any floor type will depend on a variety of factors such as care and maintenance of the floor, the intensity of foot traffic and the ability to follow the manufacturer’s advice. Laminate floors are made of melamine resins and aluminum oxide making them harder than natural wood. The laminate floor highly resists moisture damage, fading, and staining. The use of laminate floors will guarantee you ten to twenty years on finish. Hardwood flooring on long island is susceptible to scratches in high traffic areas but can get refinished some times. Hardwood floor installation in Long Island offers high-quality hardwood floors with the ability to last longer than laminate floors if care and maintenance are adhered according to manufacturer’s specification.


Hardwood Floor Cleaning

The laminate floor can be conveniently cleaned with the use of conventional cleaning agents such as soap and detergents without leaving moisture in extended periods. The cleaning options in hardwood flooring are minimized as the oil is most preferred which might be costly.


Cost of Wood Floors

The cost of installation of laminate floors is relatively cheaper compared to hardwood. Hardwoods last longer than laminate types hence the increased price.


Refinishing and Sanding Hardwood

Laminate floors are difficult to refinish when they get destroyed. The best option for them is a replacement which might prove costly. Hardwood floors can get refinished some times. Solid hardwoods are more natural to refinish and thus can cut you the cost of replacing with a new one in case of damage.


Hardwood Floor Installation

Laminate floors are easy to install, and you don’t need the services of a professional to do it. The pieces click together well and thus do not require fasteners. Laminate floors are installed as floating floors. Hardwood floors need the services of a professional to fix it correctly. The hardwoods also require special installation tools such as floor nailer and a stapler. If you are looking for a cost friendly flooring option laminate floors would be a great choice.