Starting a Basement Finishing in Long Island DIY Project?

If you want your basement finishing in Long Island project to be a DIY effort, hopefully this post will help you on your journey. Now the beginning of any long island basement finishing project has to start with the basics.

Basement Finishing in Long Island

A basic that may be overlooked, at least my father overlooked it, is properly insulating your basement. That’s something that may be out even a little more basic is to understand where the moisture in the basement is coming from. This assumes that you have a damp basement.

So if you do have a wet or damp basement you will need to determine if the issue is just condensation or if you have a truly have an issue with your basement finishing in long island project. If you have a wet basement, you can do the job yourself or you can hire a company that specializes in waterproofing foundations.

No their somethings you can do that can save you some coin before you go to the waterproofing pros. You can reroute your homes downspouts, you could also regrade the slopes to ensure that the water flows away from your house. Sometimes, water resistant paint will also help.

If you are still getting water in your cellar, especially if even small puddles develop, you will need to call a waterproofing professional to permanently fix these issues so you can continue with your project in basement finishing in Long Island.

Now assuming that whatever leaky basement issues you had or now resolved, you can proceed with your project in basement finishing in Long Island. Again, do not skip over the step. It will be a real pain to deal with this once the walls are up. So don’t cheap out and don’t be impatient.

You can insulate your interior foundation walls by using polystyrene foam insulation. This type of insulation is quite durable and works well in a basement setting. To finish this out and to truly make a good seal, use caulking to complete this healing process with the foam.

In any place where there are resources and not completely flat, you can place the rollup style of insulation. Before you do that ensure that you build the proper framing to be the width of the insulation. This will ensure that a hold properly and does not shift.

It may seem like a lot of work and effort to go through this process. You may be saying to yourself, “ all I want is my pool table couch and big screen TV!“. The thing is, to in joy a top notch basement finishing project, you need to make sure that the foundation of it, no pun intended, is rocksolid.